EGV3 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker


EGV3 Motor protection circuit breaker suitable for AC voltage to 690V,1-80A current. As a three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor overload, short circuit protection, phase and not frequently start control protection.


1.M-Push button type  2.ME-New type

Model EGV3-M Rated fixed current (A) EGV3-ME Rated fixed current (A)
EGV3-M10 6~10A 6~10A
EGV3-M16 10~16A 10~16A
EGV3-M20 14~20A 14~20A
EGV3-M25 16~25A 16~25A
EGV3-M40 25~40A 25~40A
EGV3-M63 40~63A 40~63A
EGV3-M80 56~80A 56~80A

EGV3 Accessories

Accessory Code Contact type
Instantaneous auxiliary A01 1NO+1NC
Contacts A02 2NO



EGV3 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker Dimensions

6 MB

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