Adopt Lean Production System

  • Visualize Production Process

    The production is visually controllable, reducing communication costs and ensuring delivery

  • Process and Production Quality Inspection

    Establish a unique mark for each product, and the quality inspection is fine to each process

  • Dynamic Production Kanban

    Kanban management, comprehensive statistical analysis of production, rapid problem handling

Manufacturing Facilities

Quality Control

Introduced international advanced management system QMS
  • Incoming Material Control

    Online recording of inspection data, implementation of quality data statistics, improve the quality of incoming materials

  • Process Control

    First inspection, production inspection and final inspection, to achieve preventive measures and reduce defective products

  • Customer Service

    Registration of customer complaints, allocation and tracking of handling tasks, real-time supervision of progress and completion. Continuously improve customer satisfaction

  • Quality Traceability

    All relevant quality records are archived, and product inspection records are quickly retrieved

  • Supplier Collaboration

    Real-time quality data interaction with suppliers, online corrective action collaboration.

  • Project Management

    Achieve project phase management, task allocation and tracking, rational planning and cross-departmental collaboration.


Industry-University-Research Cooperation

EBASEE R & D team has 20+ years of experience in technology research at home and abroad, to comply with the development trend, we cooperate with Chinese Xi’an Jiaotong University and the Institute of Electrical Engineering jointly committed to the research and development of terminal intelligent distribution system, new energy low-voltage DC circuit breakers, new energy vehicles and other “two new” products suitable for new energy, new infrastructure, 5G, charging piles and other emerging industries.

Owned CNAS International Laboratory

With the support of CNAS accredited laboratories, EBASEE guarantees that each type test of new product and tested according to applicable new international standards, the results are fed back for improvement timely.


More than 30 people, which has participated in the research and development, obtained 25 utility model patent certificates, and 5 invention patent certificates.