EBASEE Partner-Suppliers

Quality is our culture. We strictly control product quality from the source of raw materials. The main raw material suppliers include world-class supplier 3M, which provides us with key raw materials for products, copper, and the famous brand Panasonic has also cooperated closely with us for many years, providing us with professional production equipment, etc.

EBASEE Partner-Customers

EBASEE Factory is a traditional Chinese electrical manufacturer. With years of experience in production and manufacturing and always adhering to the customer-centric development concept, we have cooperated with many world-class companies for many years, such as WEG/SIEMENS/Foxconn/Honeywell and other famous electrical brands. We leave the footprint of the cooperation of EBASEE Electric in the world.

EBASEE Partner-R & D institutions

EBASEE Electric is a professional manufacturer of low voltage electrical,which has been closely technically cooperating with REVALCO (Italy) for many years, producing uniquely designed products and focusing on research in the field of new energy.

We establish the EBASEE union,Treat our employees as family and care about their lives, health.Cooperate with IBM,Reasonable management of the company system.