EATS3 PC Class Dual-Power Automatic Transfer Switch


EATS3 series automatic transfer switch is suitable for the rated voltage 240/415V AC 50/60Hz frequency, emergency power supply system. One source power failure, automatically transfer between power supply and backup power source, no need manual operating, ensure the power supply reliability of important user. Mainly used in hospitals, shopping mall, Bank, chemical industry, metallurgy, high-rise building, military facilitity and fire protection, etc. Some important places where do not allow power off.


>EATS3 series automatic transfer switch is EBASEE independent developed products, comply with IEC 60947-6-1 standard;
>Small volume, convenient installation.
>Mode of auto switch auto recovery, auto switch non-auto recovery, can be selected freely, with automatic and manual two models.
>Under voltage over voltage protection, open-phase protection ,complete function
>There are one-piece,split two types for users to choose
>2 pole,3 pole,4 pole,complete specifications
>Operating parameter adjustable
>Rated voltage 400V,rated current 10A~3200A

9 MB

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