EATS2 CB Class Dual-Power Automatic Transfer Switch


EATS2 series small dual-power automatic transfer switch is suitable for dual-power supply system with AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 400V and rated working current 63A.It can be switched between main and standby circuits as required. The product has overload and short circuit functions. Especially suitable for lighting circuits of shopping  malls, banks, high-rise buildings, etc. Comply with IEC60947-6-1.


1.Automatictransfer switch is made of two small MCB and motor and mechanical interlocking transmission. Monitor the double power through controller. When circuit happen unmoral that controller monitor it and make judge. Based on the order from cooperation system open or close to ensure the circuit supply normal power.

2.Connectand breaking capacity.

Connect and breaking capacity
Use classes Test condition
  I/Ie U/Ue Cos4 Conduction time (S) Cycle time (min) Cycle index of operation
AC-33B 6.0 1.05 0.5 0.05 ≤5 12
Note: Under Continuously cooperates, motor load or include motor, resistive load’s mixed load

3.Ratedshortcircuit breaking capacity:  3kA

4.Rated short circuit making capacity:  3kA


6.ControlVoltage:  AC230V.

7.Mechanicallife(changeoverbetween main power and backup power): 3,000 times  Electrical life:  1,500 times

8.Ratedinsulationvoltage:  U=500V

9.Ratedworkingvoltage:  10A,16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,63A.

10.Onusual, changeoverswitch has auto-switch auto recovery function and main power is prior. If need auto-switch non-auto recovery changeover switch in special occasion, it can be customized.

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