EATS1 CB Class Dual-Power Automatic Transfer Switch


EATS1 series automatic transfer switch is suitable for distribution environment with rated voltage of AC220V, frequency of 50Hz and rated current of 10A to 1250A (CB grade). It is mainly used in uninterrupted power supply places. When the common power supply fails, the changeover switch will automatically switch on the standby power supply to complete the power system changeover, thus ensuring continuous and reliable power supply. Automatic transfer switch is equipped with automatic transfer and automatic recovery, automatic transfer and non-automatic recovery, power grid to power grid, power grid to generator, etc.


Category Parameter
Working voltage AC220V AC 50Hz
Changeover time delay 0.5s~90s continuous resettable
Recovery delay 0.5s~90s continuous resettable
Under-voltage changeover value 145V~210V continuous resettable
Overvoltage changeover value 230V~300V continuous resettable
Changeover time <4s




EBASEE EATS1 Dimensions EBASEE EATS1 Dimensions EBASEE EATS1 Dimensions EBASEE EATS1 Dimensions EBASEE EATS1 Dimensions

8 MB

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