D11 Main Switches


D11 main switches conform to IEC60974-3. They meet the requirements of disconnectors, main switch and maintenance switch which is suitable for ventilation, air-conditioning, water pump system, industrial unitized device, safety isolation and other distribution switches.


  • Reliability
    The breaking contact of switch has long insulation, reaching 13-14mm that far more than safety requirement of VDE0113. In most cases, our
    switch’s safety rating surpass most existing switches.
  • Flexible Mounting
    The switches are both suitable for panel mounting and base mounting. Base mounting can be installed convenientiy and safely with screw and
    35mm Din Rail. This switch system owns the largest flexibility and adaptability. We need not remove switch when adding attached contactor
    and neutral terminal.
  • Convenient Mounting
    Built-in screw can avoid the trackslip in doing manual operation, enabling air operated and power-driven tool to give full play to their
    performance, ensuring the safety and speed of mounting.
Controlled Using

current or category power



IEC/BS/VDE    Rated nominal value




Resistance load(AC21)

AC23 Occasionaly changover motor or high inductance load AC3 Direct online start motor
3×220~240V 3×380~440V 3×220~240V 3×380~440V
D11-25 25A 25A 4kW 7.5kW 3kW 5.5kW
D11-32 32A 32A 5.5kW 11kW 4kW 7.5kW
D11-40 40A 40A 7.5kW 15kW 73.5kW 11kW
D11-63 63A 63A 11kW 22kW 11kW 12.5kW
D11-80 80A 80A 18.5kW 30kW 15kW 22kW
D11-100 100A 100A 22kW 73kW 18.5kW 30kW

>With adjustable rotation shaft, max length-200mm
>Above types all belong to grounding type
>P-pole, N- neutral, E-grounding termianl
>All above type can chose accessories; side-mounting auxiliary contact, top-mounting
auxiliary contact, protective cover, pad-lock handle, door inter-lock and etc.


10 MB
Universal Changeover Switch D12 CA10 CS EP D11 D12-CE Certificate
Universal Changeover Switch D12 CA10 CS EP D11 D12-ROHS Certificate

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