CJ19 Switched Capacitor


CJ19 series capacitor changeover contactor (Herein after referred to as Contactor).It’s suitable using in the circuits up to the rated insulation voltage 690V AC 50/60Hz.Under AC – 6b usage, the rated working voltage is 400v,rated current up to 125A low voltage reactive compensation devices, on and off with low voltage reactive compensation capacitor group, in order to adjust the power factor of electric system COS Φ values.Contactor with inhibition of flow unit,which can effectively reduce the impact of the switching inrush current of capacitor group and lower operating overvoltage.


Model CJ19-25 CJ19-32 CJ19-43 CJ19-63 CJ19-95 CJ19-125
Conventional heating current (A) 32 40 50 80 110 125
Rated operating current AC-6b   400VA 18 24 29 48 87 87
Power of controlled cage motor( AC-6b ) Kvar 200 ~240V 6.7 8.5 10 20 40 40
400 ~440V 12.5 16.7 20 33.3 60 60
Rated control capacity 15
Electrical life 104 12 10
Mechanical life 104 300
Operating frequency H-1 300 120
Standard IEC60947-1,IEC60947-5
Rated insulation voltage V 690
Rated heating current A 10

Auxiliary  contact



Minimum load of making 6V 10mA
Power 7 ~ 9


13 MB
Capacitor Contactor CJ19-CE Certificate

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