BRD Thermal Relay


BRD thermal overload relays are designed for use with contactors BC1D. BRD Series overload relays apply to circuit of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage to below 660V and rated current 0.1A~95A for AC motor overload and single phase protection during long time or intermittent long time service,which can also protect three-phase serious imbalance and long starting time of motor or long time operation. It can also be used for corresponding AC contactor for electromagnetic starter.


Type code Setting range For use with

contactor BC1D

BRD01 0.1~0.16 D09~D38 5205010
BRD02 0.16~0.25 D09~D38 5205020
BRD03 0.25~0.40 D09~D38 5205040
BRD04 0.40~0.63 D09~D38 5205060
BRD05 0.63~1 D09~D38 5205080
BRD06 1~1.6 D09~D38 5205100
BRD07 4.6~2.5 D09~D38 5205130
BRD08 2.5~4 D09~D38 5205160
BRD10 4~6 D09~D38 5205180
BRD12 5.5~8 D09~D38 5205190
BRD14 7~10 D09~D38 5205200
BRD16 9~13 D12~D38 5205220
BRD21 12~18 D18~D38 5205230
BRD22 16~24 D25~D38 5205240
BRD32 23~32 D25~D38 5205260
BRD35 30~38 D32~D38 5205290


10 MB

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