EBSA2 Series Pushbutton Switch And Indicator Light


EBSA2 A4 A5series button is suitable for AC 50Hz and 60Hz,rated operation voltage up to 380V and DC 250V in the industrial control circuits,used as electromagnetic starter,contactors,relays and others’ control of electrical lines.


1.Technical Parameters

Rated insulating voltageUi(V) 415
Conventional free air Thermal current Ith(A) 10
Rated operational voltage Ue(V) 380 250 240 125

Rated operational current Le(A)

AC-15 2.5 3
DC-13 0.27 0.55


2.Lamp Beads Specifications

Lamp type LED light-emitting diodes

Rated Voltage

AC/DC 110V AC/DC 220V AC/DC 380V
Lamp beads life ≥5000h
Light Color
Voltage limits 0.85Ue≤ U≤1.1Ue


3.Part Material EBSA2

Type head part mid-rise contact switch case
EBSA2-B metal series Zinc Alloy Zinc Alloy  

Silver alloy



EBSA2-E plastic series nylon nylon



Standard GB 14048.5-2008、IEC 60947-5-1
Ambient temperature -25℃  – +55℃
Vibration resistance <500HZ,amplitude about1.0mm
Shock resistance ≥10g
Protection grade IP40 can be customized IP65


5.Contact Features

Contact Action Slow-action (normally closed or normally open); normally closed contact directly off
Contact resistance ≤50mΩ
Mechanical life Automatic reset button Automatic reset button more than 1 million times, and the remaining 100,000 times or more
Electrical life AC 10,000 times or more
Short-circuit protection RT16-10A
Wiring Screw east pressure into the terminal,connection capacity:minimum 1×0.5mm2, maximum, with or without terminal piece: 2×1.5mm2 or 1×2.5mm2


6.Control Stations

Protection grade IP40,can customized to IP65
Cable Inlet Knock down hole,suitable for PG13.5 Cable sets


7.The Installation Hole Size

Type A B C  




1,Unit: mm

2,B and C are refers to the minimal size

Ordinary type >50 >35
Rotary knob Φ22.3 >50 >35
Mushroom type >50 >42
Big mushroom type >70 >70



10 MB

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