Vietnam Electricity Adopts Our Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Vietnam Electricity Adopts Our Molded Case Circuit Breakers

As Vietnam Electricity (EVN) continuously pursues technological innovation and energy efficiency, our molded case circuit breakers offer a reliable solution. Below is a case study detailing the successful application of our products by EVN.


Vietnam Electricity is a leading state-owned power company in Vietnam, responsible for supplying electricity nationwide. Faced with the growing energy demand and complex power grid, EVN requires efficient and reliable electrical equipment to ensure a stable power supply.


Reliability of protective equipment is crucial within EVN's power network. Traditional circuit breakers may pose risks of failure and damage when dealing with high loads and harsh environments. Therefore, EVN was in search of a new type of circuit breaker to enhance the stability and safety of its grid.


Our molded case circuit breakers have earned EVN's favor due to their advanced design and reliability. These circuit breakers feature:

1.Durability: Constructed with high-quality plastic housing and internal components, they exhibit excellent durability, capable of operating for extended periods in harsh environmental conditions.

2.High Performance: Equipped with features like fast circuit interruption, overload protection, and short-circuit protection, they can swiftly and effectively disconnect circuits to prevent equipment damage and personal injury.

3.Safety: Designed to meet international safety standards, they provide reliable electrical protection, reducing the risk of fires and electric shocks.

4.Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Simple installation steps and user-friendly maintenance procedures reduce operational costs and downtime.


By adopting our molded case circuit breakers, Vietnam Electricity has achieved significant results:

1.Improved Grid Stability: The high-performance protection features of the circuit breakers ensure the stable operation of the grid, reducing the risk of faults and outages.

2.Reduced Maintenance Costs: The durable and easy-to-maintain design lowers maintenance costs and downtime, improving equipment availability.

3.Enhanced Grid Safety: Reliable circuit breaker protection systems decrease the risk of electric shocks and fires, providing greater safety for personnel and equipment.


Our molded case circuit breakers demonstrate outstanding performance and reliability in the application case with Vietnam Electricity. Through close collaboration with EVN, we provide advanced solutions for Vietnam's power grid, contributing to its sustainable development and higher levels of power service quality.