Solar Power System Solution

Solar power systems are becoming increasingly popular as a clean, renewable source of energy. There are a variety of solutions available for solar power system.

Solar Power System Solution

Solar Power System Solution

System Solution 1:  100KW ON-GRID SOLAR ROOF TOP

Power supply to business center Dro city Philipines

ON-Grid System works parallel with the electricity grid. It has no battery storage.

So energy generated during daytime is used directly by the appliances.

System Solution 2: OFF GRID SOLAR SYSTEM

The largest solar farm in Sub-Saharan Africa

Off-grid solar system is for remote areas where utility power is unavailable or where power is very unstable.

It requires only PV modules, controllers,inverters and batteries to supply power, and can work without the utility grid.


Ebasee support project for consists of 3 models of MPPT solar charge controllers for systems with solar PV capacity from

0.6-75kWp (with 15 in parallel) ,a PV input voltage up to 150Vdc,and 12,24 or 48V battery banks.