BX-P-03 PV Combiner Box


BX-P-03 series PV combiner box can be organized as 1 to 6 input and is designed for providing overcurrent and overvoltage protection to enhance the protection and reliability of the inverter operating in MAX input voltage DC550V and DC1000V solar system.
The design and configuration of the BX-P-03 series PV combiner box strictly comply with CGC/GF 037:2014 standard, is made of ABS bottom & PVC cover, waterproof grade up to IP65, and flame retardant, temperature rise, impact resistance, UV resistance, etc., will be strictly tested before delivery.
Can be specially customized according to user requirements.


Model 1/1 2/1 4/1 4/2 6/1
  Electric Parameter
Number of inputs strings 1 2 4 4 6
Max.Rated voltage DC 550V 1000V 550V 1000V 550V 1000V 550V 1000V 1000V
Material of box ABS/PVC
Maximum input current for each string 15A
Maximum output switch current 16/20A 16/20A 20/32A 20/32A 50/63A 50/63A 20/32A 20/32A 63A
Number of outputs strings 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1
  Lightening Protection
Category of test Ⅱ grade protection
Nominal discharge current 20kA
Maximum discharge current 40kA
Poles of DC surge protector 2Poles 3Poles 2Poles 3Poles 2Poles 3Poles 2Poles 3Poles 3Poles
Voltage protection level Up 2.8kV 3.8kV 2.8kV 3.8kV 2.8kV 3.8kV 2.8kV 3.8kV 3.8kV
Maximum continuous operating voltage Uc 630V 1050V 630V 1050V 630V 1050V 630V 1050V 1050V
Structure characteristic Plug-push module
  Product system
Protection grade IP65
Solar connector EMC4 Standard
PG gland Standard
DC fuse Standard
DC SPD Standard
DC circuit breaker Option 1
DC isolation switch Option 2
Installation method Surface mounting type
Ambient temperature range -25°C~+55°C
Altitude 2000m
Permissible relative humidity 0-95% no condensation


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