EBS7UZ DC Surge Protector


The EBS7UZ series DC surge protectors are designed to prevent damage caused by lightning surges and transient overvoltages to DC power supply systems and electrical equipment, ensuring the safety of both the devices and users. They are widely used for DC power protection in various systems, including photovoltaic power generation systems, mobile communication base stations, microwave communication stations, telecommunication rooms, factories, civil aviation, finance, securities, and other DC power supply systems.


Standard IEC61643-1
Poles 2P 3P
Rated Operating Voltage DC500V 600V 800V 1000V 1200V 1500V
Maximum Continuous Operating

Voltage (Uc(L-N))

Maximum Discharge Current (Imax8/20μs) 40kA
Rated Discharge Current (Ln(L-N)(8/20μs)) 20kA
Voltage Protection Level (Up(L-N)(8/20μs)) ≤3.8kV
Recommended Series Overcurrent

Protection Device

Response Time (tA(L-N)) ≤25ns
Altitude ≤2000m
Installation Conductor Cross-Section 4-35mm²
Installation Method 35mm Standard Rail
Operating Environment -40°C~+70°C
Enclosure Material Plastic, UL94 V-0 compliant
Protection Level IP20
Remote Signal Alarm Normally Open or Closed Terminal (optional)
Remote Signal Interface Wire Capacity Maximum 1.5mm²
Terminal size top/

bottom for cable

mm² 25
AWG 18-3
Terminal size top/

bottom for busbar

mm² 25
AWG 18-3
Tightening torque N*m 2.5
In-lbs 18


EBS7UZ DC Surge Protector Devices Dimensions

4 MB
Surge Protector EBS2UZ-CE Certificate

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