VT7AD AFDD Arc Fault Detection Device


AFDD(arc fault detection device) is a new electrical anti-fire equipment.It could avoid various of fires caused by short circuit, circuit aging, heavy load, poor contact, fault electrical devices,etc. Automatic control is realized by built-in computer chip. Its operating principle: the detected arc impulse is  processed, compared and identified by electronic circuit and MCU. Once fault arc impulse which easily creates fire detected, the output will drive tripping unit to cut off the load power supply, so that the fire is prevented.


AFDD aims to detect hazardous arc impulse which easily creates fire(such as insulation decreasing between lines load short circuit poor contact of connector,arc caused by house electrical apparatus fault).Then it triggers tripping unit to cut off the power supply to prevent electrical fire AFDD is used together with leakage circuit breaker, low voltage circuit breaker(over-current protection) to build a muiti function electrical protective device. As a true intelligent low voltage electrical apparatust can not only prevent electrical fire, electric shock to human.overload danger etc. But, also becustom- ized with different functions.


Main parameters IEC61009-1,IEC62606
Rated voltage options(Un) V AC:110V/230V/240V
Rated current(In) A 6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Rated residual operated current(I∆n) A 0.03, 0.1
Rated residual non tripping current (I∆no) 0.5 I∆no
DC component AC, A type
Poles P 2P
Instant tripping type B,C
Rated short circuit breaking capacity(lcn) A 6000A
Rated residual making and breaking capacity(I∆m) A 500A(In≤50A).630A(In<=63A)
Mechanical life t 10000 times, 240 operation frequency(time/hour)
Electrical life t 2000times.120 operation frequency(time/hour)
Connection wire See Form 1
Tightening torque 2.0N.m
Nominal temperature ℃ 30
Operated ambient temperature ℃ -25~+40
Stored ambient temperature ℃ -25~+70
Pollution grade 2
Protection grade IP20
Installation Installed on 35mm DIN rail


VT7AD Dimension

11 MB

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