EBS5D F/S Series Switch Distribution Box


This product applies to terminal of AC 50Hz(or 60Hz), rated operating Voltage up to 400V and rated current up to 63A, equipped with various modular electric for functions of electric energy distribution,control,(short circuit,overload,earth leakage, over-voltage) protection,signal,measurement of terminal electric appliance. IEC60439-3.


Transparent door                  Max.rated current up to 63A
No. of ways Number bar holes Type Code
Earth bar holes
1 2 3
2 5DF-2-B
4 4Xφ5 3Xφ5 5DF-4-B
6 6Xφ5 3Xφ5 5DF-6-B
8 8Xφ5 4Xφ5 5DF-8-B
12 12Xφ5 6Xφ5 5DF-12-B
18 18Xφ5 9Xφ5 5DF-18-B
24 24Xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DF-24-B
36 36Xφ5 9Xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DF-36-B
2 5DS-2-B
4 4Xφ5 3Xφ5 5DS-4-B
6 6Xφ5 3Xφ5 5DS-6-B
8 8Xφ5 4Xφ5 5DS-8-B
12 10Xφ5 6Xφ5 5DS-12-B
18 13Xφ5 9Xφ5 5DS-18-B
24 13Xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DS-24-B
36 13Xφ5 9Xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DS-36-B


White door                       Max.rated current up to 63A
No. of ways Number bar holes Type Code
Earth bar holes
1 2 3
2 5DF-2-A
4 4Xφ5 3Xφ5 5DF-4-A
6 6Xφ5 3Xφ5 5DF-6-A
8 8Xφ5 4Xφ5 5DF-8-A
12 12Xφ5 6Xφ5 SDE-12-A
18 18Xφ5 9Xφ5 5DF-18-A
24 24Xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DF-24-A
36 36Xφ5 9xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DF-36-A
2 5DS-2-A
4 4×φ5 3Xφ5 5DS-4-A
6 6Xφ5 3Xφ5 5DS-6-A
8 8Xφ5 4Xφ5 5DS-8-A
12 10Xφ5 6Xφ5 5DS-12-A
18 13Xφ5 9Xφ5 5DS-18-A
24 13Xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DS-24-A
36 13Xφ5 9Xφ5 9Xφ5 13Xφ5 5DS-36-A


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