EBST2 Metal Distribution Box


The EBST distribution boards are available with a fixed load or split load pan assembly. They have a fully flush fitted metal door with a “slam” type catch. All boards are delivered with both Neutral and Earth bars fitted and the neutral is designed to wrap around the incoming device to ensure that extra wiring space is available for the outgoing devices.The incoming device must be selected and fitted by the installer. The top and bottom gland plates are removable and also include knock-outs to suit standard size conduits. The pan assembly is fully shrouded and the busbars are one piece in design, this ensures that no “hot spots” can occur as there are no mechanical joints.


Model No. of ways A(mm) B(mm) W(mm) Top Bottom Side Sheet  Thicknes   Thicknes
EBST2-S4 4ways 175 125 197 3 3 1 1
EBST2-S6 6ways 211 151 233 3 3 1 1
EBST2-S8 8ways 247 187 269 5 5 1 1
EBST2-S12 12ways 319 269 341 7 7 1 1
EBST2-S16 16ways 391 341 413 9 9 1 1


7 MB
Distribution Box EBST2 BST2-CE Certificate

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