EBSE6 Series Pushbutton Switch And Indicator Light


Specification: Products front shampe have roundness(ø18mm)、square(18x18mm)、rectangle(18x24mm)three specifications,including signal light、button、button with pilot light、rotary button、key button、emergency stop button、buzzer,installation apertureø16mm,part of products can be equipped with adjustable ring so that the product is installed in ø22mm installation.

Performance: Products with stable performance, low contact resistance, high impact resistance, vibration resistance and other
characteristics,conform with IEC60947-5-1, GB14048.5 standards.

Structure: Switching element “fast moving” structure, each switching element comprises a normally open a normally closed, each button can be configured with up to two switching elements.

Protection grade: Self-protection class IP40, IP65 optional, part of the product can be up to IP67 after the installation of the sealing.


1.Switch Rating

Thermal current Ith 5A temperature does not exceed the maximum allowable current ratings
Rated voltage 24V 125V(110V) 250V(220V)
DC 1A 0.2A 0.1A


P.F=1 5A 3A
P.F=0.7 5A 2A

2.Lamp Specifications

Lamp beads type bi-directional LED beads(General Configuration) Neon bulb lamp beads

Rated voltage

AC/DC 6V AC/DC 12V AC/DV 24V  




AC/DC 110V AC/DC 220V
Lamp beads color
Lamp bead life
Voltage limits about 30000 hours about 20000 hours

3.Performance Characteristics

Type Standard IEC/EN 61009-1

Ambient Temperature

-+55℃ (no freezing)
Lighting switch must be air circulation around it
Ambient humidity 45-85%RH (No condensation)
Contact material Silver alloy
Contact resistance ≤50MΩ
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ

aximum voltage

Between the contacts and the lamp beads pin 2000V,AC50HZ,1min
Between same terminal of poles 1000V,AC50HZ,1min
Between different terminal of poles 2000V,AC50HZ,1min
Vibration resistance 50HZ,amplitude about1.2mm
Impact resistance ≥10g



automatic reset button 1million times
automatic reset button、select button 500,000 times
key button、emergency stop 100,000times
electrical 50,000times
Solder heat resistance 230 is not more than 3 seconds
Operating stroke (button) 3mm

4.Mounting Dimension

5.Bottom Preview & Terminal Arrangement

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