EBS2P5 Over & Under Voltage Protector


Over&Under Voltage Delay Protector is EBASEE’s development of a new generation of products. It has reasonable design, assembling imported components and domestic famous components, with advanced manufacturing process. It can cut off power supply quickly and reliably under the condition of high voltage surge and under-voltage, to protect household appliances.


Standard EBS2PY5(Single Phase) EBSTP5(Three Phases)
Rated AC volt age 230V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Max Passing Current 20A, 32A,40A,63A 20A, 32A ,40A,63A
Max. Loading power 4.4kVA, 6.6kVA,8.8kVA 4.4kVA, 6.6kVA,8.8kVA
Over-voltage action cut-off value 275±5VAC 460±5VAC
Under-voltage action cut-off value 175±5VAC 300±5VAC
Electricity transmitting delay after cut-off ≤60s ≤60s
Self power co nsumption ≤2W ≤2W
Mechanical life ≥100000 times ≥100000 times
Dimension (L ngth×Width×Height) 77×36×68mm 77 ×73×66mm
Connection capacity 63A <<25mm² Insulated wire 63A<<25mm² Insulated wire



EBS2P5 Over and Under Voltage Protector Dimensions

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