EBS1BLP Plug-in Circuit Breaker


The RCBO is electronic type with high reliability as its function hasnothing with the voltage of the power.
With two handles, the circuit breaker and RCD operate separately. When it is over current, only the handle of breaker disconnect. So has the function of judging the errror.
With contact indicator ( red and green). And Plug-in installation type.
With indicative cover where can put the tag (which is used to mark the control circuit). When fault caused in the circuit, the handle will stop in the central position, which can be used to judge if the breaker cut-off artificially or automatically. When fault is solved, the breaker only can be switched on after the handle is put on the position of “off ”. Both the cover and handset are with rational curvature, comfortable handles and compact appearance design.


Standard lEC/EN 61009-1
Type Electronic type
Residual current characteristics AC
Poles P 1P+N
Tripping characteristic B, C, D
Rated short-circuit capacity kA 6
Rated current (A) A 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 63
Rated voltage 240V AC 50/60Hz
Rated residual operating current(mA) mA 10, 30,100, 300
Tripping duration instantaneous≤0.1s
Electrical life (times) 2000
Mechanical life (times) 20000
Protection grade IP20
Installation Plug in


EBS1BLP Dimensions

18 MB

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