BX3PY6 Self-recovery Over&Under Voltage Delay Protector


Intelligent over-voltage, over-current automatic reclosing protector integrated over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection as one integrated intelligent circuit breaker, when there is over-voltage fault in the line, under-voltage fault over-current fault, etc. This product can cut off the power supply instantaneously and protect the electrical equipment from being burnt. When the line returns to normal, the protector can automatically supply power. The over-voltage value, under-voltage value, over-current value and delay value of this product can be set by themselves.


Standard BX1PY6 BX2PY6 BX3PY6
Poles P 2P 2P 2P
Rated current In A 50.63 50.63
Rated voltage Ue V AC230V/50Hz AC230V/50Hz AC230V/50Hz
Over-voltage action cut-off value V AC280V △C280V AC300V
Normal-voltage action cut-off value V AC230V AC230V AC230V
Under-voltage action cut-off value V AC155V AC140V AC145V
Normal-voltage action cut-off value V AC205V AC210V AC210V
Reset time s 30±5 30±5 30±5
Overcurrent adjustable range A 1-63 1-63 1-63
Adjustable reset time s 1-300 1-300 1-300
Storage temperature 5℃~45℃ -5℃~45℃ -5℃~45℃
Ambient temperature 45~90% RH,40℃ 45~90% RH,40℃ 45~90% RH,40℃
Altitude (meters Max 2.000 Max 2.000 Max 2,000
Installation installed on 35mm DIN rail installed on 35mm DIN rail installed on 35mm DIN rail



BX1PY6 Self-recovery Over&Under Voltage Delay Protector Dimensions

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