BXPV-63 DC Fuse


These fuse holders are supporters for fuses with size up to 14*85mm. They are capable of working under heat cased by rated current and expected short impacting current up to 20kA. It can also function as a fuse disconnecting switch by multi-phase combination. There are two in/out lines at the BXPV fuse base, providing a power cut function. Rated voltage up to 1500V; Conventional free air thermal current up to 63A; Compliant with IEC602696.


Standard IEC60269-6
Fuse base BXPV-63T
Fuse link 10x85mm, 14x85mm
Class of operation gPV
Time constant 1-3ms
Rated voltage Ue(V DC) 1000
Rated Current In(A) 1-63A
Biggist block ability(kA) 20
The most high power consumption(W) 3.5


BXPV-63 DC Fuse Dimension

16 MB

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