How EBASEE Ended DC Isolator Fire Hazards: A Customer Success Story

Do you know that poor quality DC isolators can cause fires? Let's see how EBASEE helped a customer solve this horrible situation.


Customer Request

A concerned customer approached us with a critical issue:

Customer Inquiry: "Hi, we had 3 fires when using DC isolators from another supplier! Your design is different, so I wonder if you can avoid this trouble."

The customer's experience with other suppliers had resulted in dangerous fires, and they were seeking a reliable solution to ensure safety and efficiency.

EBASEE’s Diagnostic Approach

Upon receiving the customer's request, our team at EBASEE conducted a thorough investigation to identify the root causes of the fires. We discovered three main issues contributing to the problem:


1.Loose Joints due to Poor Quality Connections: Inadequate connections in the DC isolators led to loose joints, increasing the risk of overheating and fire.

2.Water Ingress from Poor Installation: Faulty installation practices allowed water to penetrate the DC isolators, causing short circuits and fire hazards.

3.Inferior Material Quality: The materials used in the isolators were not up to standard, lacking necessary fire-retardant properties.

EBASEE’s Superior Solutions

To address these issues, we presented the customer with our high-quality EBASEE DC isolators  BXPV-ELR2,
which offer several key advantages over other products in the market:

1.Reliable Inner Structure: Our DC isolators are designed with a robust inner structure to ensure secure and high-quality connections, significantly reducing the risk of loose joints.

2.High Protection Level (IP65): EBASEE DC isolators feature an IP65 protection level, making them highly resistant to water ingress. Additionally, there are no pre-drilled holes on the top, ensuring optimal protection against water for outdoor installations.

3.Flame Retardant Materials: Our isolators are made from flame retardant materials, successfully passing the glow-wire test. This ensures superior fire safety and compliance with stringent safety standards.

Customer Satisfaction and Repeat Business

The implementation of EBASEE’s DC isolators not only resolved the customer's immediate concerns but also demonstrated our commitment to quality and safety. The customer expressed their satisfaction with our prompt and professional service, noting the significant improvements in safety and reliability.

Customer Feedback:

"EBASEE’s solution was exactly what we needed. The quality and design of their DC isolators have resolved our issues, and we are extremely satisfied with their professional approach and quick response. We have since placed multiple orders with them and will continue to do so."


At EBASEE, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise and exceptional customer service. This case study is a testament to our dedication to providing high-quality solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. Our swift and effective response to critical issues, coupled with our superior product design, ensures the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

For more information on our products and services, please visit our website or contact our support team. We are here to help you achieve the highest standards of safety and efficiency in your operations.

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