Home Pumping Station Applications

Pumping Stations,as an effective system for moving liquid waste to the mains sewer,are used when there are no natural/gravitational means of transferring waste or nuisance water away from a development or application.

EBASEE,as an electric products manufacturer,including Motor protector,RCCB,SPD,fuse and waterproof junction box etc.,have exported to the world for over 20 years. Products are widely used in many applications including commercial,industrial,and the popular one for residential is Home Pumping Station Applications,which EBASEE supply electric solutions for their Control unit.

Solutions for Control unit of Pumping Station:
(1) IP65 waterproof junction box: EBS-HA, 18way, IP65,
(2) Motor protector: EGV2-M10 4A~6.3Ampere
(3) RCCB: 2P, 40A, 30mA, Type AC, Electromagnetic type
(4) Surge protector device: 2P, 20~40kA
(5) Fuse: RT18-32, 32A
separately or completed sets can be optional!