EBS-C3 Series Pushbutton Switch and Indicator


EBS-C3 series buttons are suitable for circuit control systems with AC 50/60Hz, voltage up to 380V and DC voltage up to 220V V. It is suitable for remote control of outdoor, rainy, snowy and dusty environments, such as cranes, electric hoists and other equipment. The products comply with IEC60947-5.



Contact resistance ≤50mΩ
Mechanical life Instant type 1 million times; Emergency stop self-locking button 50,000 times; Other 250,000 times
Electrical life Instant type 1Emergency stop self-locking button 50,000 times; Other 500,000 times (at 1200 times/hour, power cosφ=0.4)
Protection grades IP65


2.Contact capacity

Use category Rated operational voltage Ue(V) Rated working current Ie(A)
AC-15 380 2.5
220 4.5
DC-13 220 0.3
110 0.6


EBSC3 series buttons are made of plastic shell, with beautiful appearance and reasonable structure. The product is equipped with rubber cable sheath and waterproof sealing strip, which has good dustproof and rain-proof performance;
Except the “start” and “stop” buttons and the “on” and “self-locking” buttons of the circuit master switch, the other buttons have automatic reset performance and mechanical interlocking mechanism with positive and negative control, which not only simplifies the circuit, but also effectively protects the circuit and equipment from running. In order to prevent circuit failure more reliably, the buttons are “on” and “self- locking”, which can cut off the main power supply.

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