EBS-HA Waterproof Distribution Box


EBS-HA distribution box is in line with IEC 61439-3 and RoHS standard, attractive and durable, safe and reliable, which is widely used in various places such as factory,  mansion, residence,shopping center and so on. The torque of the terminal screws:2.5NM. It is suitable for outdoor installation, UV protection.



Module Number


Cable gland size

L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
EBS-HA 4ways 210 140 100 PG19/PG29
EBS-HA 8ways 210 215 100 PG19/PG29
EBS-HA 12ways 260 300 140 PG19/PG29
EBS-HA 18ways 285 410 140 PG19/PG29
EBS-HA 24ways 300 415 140 PG19/PG29


6 MB
Water Proof Distribution Box EBS-HA-CE Certificate

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