Shanghai Ebasee Electric Sparks Interest with Smart Contactors and DC Combiner Box Solutions at Canton Fair Premiere

2024-04-15 Exhibition

Guangzhou, China - 15th-April-2024

EBASEE made an impactful debut at the Canton Fair today, capturing the attention of attendees with their innovative smart contactors and DC combiner box solutions.

Amidst the bustling crowds, Shanghai Ebasee Electric's booth emerged as a hotspot for industry professionals seeking advanced automation and renewable energy solutions. The company's smart contactors, blending intelligence with control, garnered keen interest from visitors looking to enhance industrial operations.

Equally compelling were Shanghai Ebasee Electric's DC combiner box solutions, which generated inquiries from attendees invested in renewable energy integration. Discussions centered on the reliability and efficiency of these solutions in meeting the evolving needs of the industry.

With the fair set to continue for four days, Shanghai Ebasee Electric looks forward to welcoming even more interested customers. As the event progresses, the company anticipates fostering meaningful collaborations that drive progress in smart control and renewable energy solutions.

For media inquiries or meetings, please visit us at booth D38-40, Hall 15.2 Area C & B26-27, Hall 15.3, Area C.

About Shanghai Ebasee Electric: Shanghai Ebasee Electric specializes in designing and manufacturing advanced electrical control and distribution solutions, empowering industries to achieve efficiency and sustainability.