EBASEE & Russia Electro Exhibition

2024-06-04 Exhibition

EBASEE Booth NO: F71,22

As one of the largest power electronics professional exhibitions in Eastern Europe, the Russian Power Electronics Exhibition ELEKTRO is hosted by the Russian International Exhibition (ZAO EXPO CENTRE). Famous power electronics companies from all over the world favor the Russian market and actively participate in the exhibition. Participating in this exhibition has become an effective and fast way for Chinese power electronics companies to export and open up the Russian market. This international exhibition has three highlights:

1.Large scale: This exhibition is a large-scale power electronics industry exhibition in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and has received strong support from the government. The exhibition gathers exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The exhibition is large in scale, strong in publicity, and has far-reaching international influence.

2.Chinese companies have obvious advantages in participating in the exhibition: electronic information products have now become imported goods needed by Russia, and China is a major manufacturer of electronic information products in the world. EBASEE as one of Chinese exhibitors, will also bring new vitality and vigor to Russian customers and the market.

3.High exhibitor satisfaction: In 2024, the international exhibition expect to receive over 250 companies from different countries, with an exhibition area of ​​401 square meters. According to latest data statistics: 68% of exhibitors are loyal exhibitors, and have participated in several consecutive exhibitions; 96% of exhibitors are very satisfied with the exhibition organization and exhibition results; 77% of exhibitors have achieved their exhibition goals. The number of professional visitors reached 13,450, of which 67% were loyal visitors; 86% of visitors recommended the exhibition to their partners; 88% of visitors achieved their set goals.

RU Fair

EBASEE team welcome the press and public to join us for this exciting event and experience the vibrant “World of Electricity’