ENT-50R Safety Circuit Breaker


ENT-50R series of residual current circuit breaker ,apply to the circuit of AC50Hz,rated voltage 230V/115V,ratedcurrent to 32A single phase circuit. Its main function is to provide protection for person to avoid the potentially lethal byan electric shock. At the same time, it can also be used to prevent electrical fires caused by equipment connected to the  damage, ground fault current. This series of derived products also have the function of overload protection, which caneffectively prevent burn out electrical equipment.

This series of residual current circuit breaker with small volume, high breaking, reliable operation and environmental protection, et, which can be widely used in electric water heater, solar water heater, vending machines, water dispensers, refrigerators, washing machines and other electrical equipment to provide the protection avoid electric shock、electric leakage and overload, which are ideal products to users. This series of products are in conformity with IEC61008 and IEC61009 standards.


Basic parameters of residual current circuit breaker

Model Frame

size  Inm(A)



Un  (V)

Rated current In  (A) Rated making

and breaking


Im  (A)

Rated short-circuit

limiting capacity Inc(A)

Rated residual

operating current IΔn  ( mA)

Rated residual

non-operating current IΔno  ( mA)



230 or115 50Hz  


115V/1500 230V/1000  





5, 7.5, 15


Max breaking time of residual current circuit breaker

IΔn (A)  

In (A)

Max breaking time (s)
IΔn 2IΔn 0.25A 500A
≤0.03 Any value 0.1 0.1 0.04 0.04

Mechanical and electrical operating life of residual current circuit breaker

Frame size Inm(A) Operating cycle number Operating mode
Rated current In(A) On-load operatingcycle number No-load operatingcycle number Operating frequency(time/h)
32 10000 6000 4000 240

Protective characteristics of over-current release

No. Name of test current I/ In Initial state Test result Remark
1 Conventional non-tripping current 1.13 Cold state Non-trip
2 Conventional tripping current 1.45 Carry out following test No.1 Trip The current rises to the         specified value steadily within 5s
3 Conventional tripping current 2.55 Cold state Trip


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